• $70.00

This kit will allow you to illuminate the area behind your truck to make nighttime loading/unloading easier than ever. It also allows you to flip on these rear-facing lights to illuminate the area behind your truck when backing up during low-light conditions. This is truly an easy and inexpensive way to solve these problems.

Included in the kit is everything you will need to install these two durable, rubber-housed lights to the rear of your truck. The lights easily install in two existing holes below the taillights – no drilling needed. The toggle switch can be installed in the dashboard or any convenient location.

Parts in the package:
- Two durable, rubber-housed Halogen lights
- 12-gauge electrical wire
- Military grade toggle switch with ON/OFF faceplate
- Waterproof vinyl rubber boot for toggle switch
- Electrical connectors
- Heat shrink tubing
- Installation Instructions

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