Dual Band RM-25R 25 Watt Radio with Magnetic Mount Base/Chase Kit

  • $258.00

Featuring the NEW Rugged Radios' RM-25R 25-Watt Dual Band Mobile Radio, this kit is the perfect setup for any base camp or chase vehicle operations!

This small radio is half the physical size of a traditional 50 watt radio making it easy to mount in the center console of your Jeep or other offroad vehicle.

The RM-25R radio is also extremely efficient when it comes to power consumption using the included 12 volt cigarette lighter power adapter.

Plus, we've integrated the 5-pin radio cable right into the back of the radio which means no additional radio jumper is required when connecting to an intercom or hanress.

In addition to our most popular radio, this kit includes a dual band 1/2 wave antenna to maximize performance as well as a coax cable with magnetic mount to easily mount your antenna to your vehicle. Reaching distances up to 12 miles, this kit will allow you to keep in touch with your entire team!

Kit includes:

  • RM-25R Mobile Radio
  • Dual Band Antenna
  • Coax Cable with 5" Magnetic Mount Base
  • U-bracket Mount
  • 12 Volt Power Cable
  • Hand Mic included (does not feature key pad)