M925A2 5-Ton Turbo-Diesel Military Truck 6x6 (SOLD)

  • $32,000.00

M925A2 Turbo-Diesel Military Truck 6x6

We're selling one of our 5-ton trucks, the M925A2!

It features one of our favorite motors, the 8.3L Cummins Turbo paired with a 5-speed Allison transmission.
It has a healthy 18,530 miles to its name and a total of 900 hours of running time. The motor is healthy and strong. We've performed a full service and inspection on this truck and it's ready for a new owner!

• 8.3L Cummins Turbo Diesel
• 5-speed Allison automatic Transmission
• 2-speed transfer case
• 14ft bed
• 28,714 miles, 940 hours
• Custom locking door handles
• Hard Top
• New seat covers
• 14-20r Goodyear tires
• Air Seats
• Roll cage / roll over bar
• Turret Hatch
• Combat / Helmet Cab
• Front and rear facing cameras
• Front mounted winch
• Custom raised canopy
• 14x20 Goodyear tires (95%)
• Back Up lights
• Exhaust Gas Tempurature Guage
• Boost Guage
• Keyd battery cut-off
• CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System)

The Gun Ring, Turret, and Blast Shield combo is $4,200

We do not offer delivery. Local pick-up only.