RM100 VHF 100-Watt Base/Chase Kit with Magnetic Antenna Mount

  • $790.00

The RM100-V VHF Base Kit packs an incredible 100 watts of power to reach further and deliver clear, clean audio. This radio is a true 100 Watt radio, boosting your transmit range to 40-50 miles. Not only does this radio pack some serious power, it’s the same size as the RM60-V which means it conveniently fits into the same mounts. This relatively small radio is half the size and weight of a typical 100w radio making it much easier to mount in any UTV, Desert Truck, Buggy or Chase Truck.

Long distance off-road adventures rely on clear communications, which is why Rugged Radios continues to develop the best in 2-way radios for offroad racing, recreation, and trail riding.

Packed with a variety of features that will make your off-road trips much more enjoyable, the RM100-V comes pre-programmed with our favorite off-road channels, but can have up to 200 channels if needed. The front digital display is bright and colorful allowing you to view and operate the radio into the late night hours. This impressive display also can have 4 of your favorite channels readily available. With the press of a button you can quickly tune into any of these 4 channels without scrolling.

Although most 100 Watt radios come with a hefty price tag, the RM100-V is an affordable radio for any off-road enthusiast.

• 100 Watts of power
• VHF: 150MHz-174MHz
• 40-50 mile range
• 200 programmable channels
• Dozens of preprogrammed off-road channels
• DCS/CTCSS tone code capable
• Channel scan
• Adjustable squelch
• Channel edit
• Tone code scan
• Adjustable power level
• Keypad lockout
• Hand mic
• Vehicle voltage indictor
• Time-out-timer
• Busy channel lockout

• VHF RM100-V Radio
• Hand Mic
• U-Bracket
• Power cable with inline fuse
• Mounting hardware
• Magnetic Mount with 13' coax cable and NMO mount
• VHF 1/2 Wave NGP antenna