RRP660 2-Place Intercom with 25 Watt Waterproof Radio and BTU/OTU Headsets

  • $1,205.00

Everything you need in one complete kit to outfit your Jeep, side-by-side, SUV, or 4-wheel drive vehicle. Connect two to four people with the RRP660 intercom, comfortable Ultimate headsets, powerful 25-Watt RM25R-WP waterproof radio and optional UTV specific mount. Handle in-car communications and vehicle-to-vehicle with the best system available.

Intercom Features:

  • iPhone Connect Port (cable sold seperately)
  • All new transformer based platform
  • 2 to 4 place (Expandable to 8)
  • RF Shielded Extruded Housing
  • VOX control for clear communications in loud environments
  • Music In with auto muting
  • Precision tune mic gain control
  • Isolated grounds for eliminating ground loop issues
  • High output amplifier for outstanding music listening

Headset Features:

  • Carbon fiber style finish
  • Hard-wired offroad cable
  • Full-flex mic boom
  • Adjustable volume knob on eardome
  • Comfort gel ear seals and cloth ear covers

Radio Features:

  • 25-Watt Waterproof Dual Band Mobile Radio
  • IP67 Rated: dustproof and submersible in 3' of water up to 30 minutes
  • VHF: 150-174 Mhz / UHF 450-470 Mhz
  • FM (listen only)
  • 200 programmable channels
  • Over 40 pre-programmed popular offroad channels
  • Hand mic
    Does not Include Key Pad Handmic
  • Powerful 25-Watt output
  • Includes: Antenna, coax, radio jumper and push-to-talk buttons

The RRP660 intercom delivers the best in audio clarity with VOX operation for clear communications — making it the perfect system for recreation and racing. The RRP660 features a high-output music port with auto music muting when you speak for hands free audio enjoyment. Listen to your music without any external amplifier like the other intercoms. Simply connect to a 12 volt system, plug in the cables. It's that easy!

RM25R-WP Waterproof 25-Watt Radio

The RM25R-WP Waterproof Watt radio is half the physical size of a traditional 50 watt radio making it easy to mount virtually anywhere. But don't let the small stature of this radio fool you. Boosting 25 watts of power, the RM-25R Mobile Radio can reach distances up to 10 miles depending on terrain.

The new Waterproof RM25R-WP 25 Watt Dual-Band Radio is ready for those river crossings, mud puddles and even the bath you give your vehicle afterwards. With a strong 25 watts of power this radio will reach distances up to 10 miles, depending on terrain, allowing you to keep in touch on the trail in all kinds of weather.

This multipurpose radio is dual band allowing you to transmit on both UHF and VHF frequencies. When it comes to power consumption the RM25R-WP Mobile Radio is extremely efficient. We've even integrated the 5-pin radio cable right into the back of the radio which means no additional radio jumper is required! Simply connect to your intercom and you're good to go!

Ultimate Headsets

Carbon fiber styling, hard-wired coil cord, dynamic mic, and easy-to-use volume control knob make the H22 and H42 Ultimate Headsets the "all in one" communication headset.

Featured with comfortable gel ear seals and cloth ear covers, the H22 and H42 deliver all-day comfort and excellent audio performance.