RRP696 2-Place Intercom with 60 Watt Radio and OTU Headsets

  • $1,696.00

Everything you need in one complete kit to outfit your military truck, Jeep, or off-road vehicle!

Connect two people to the RRP696 intercom, H22 or H42 Ultimate Headsets, and a powerful 60-watt RM-60 VHF radio. Handle in-car communications and vehicle-to-vehicle with the best system available.

Intercom Features:

  • Built-in Bluetooth For Music & Cell Phone Streaming
  • High Output Amplifier for Bluetooth Functions
  • Music/Cell Phone Switch
  • Music Play/Pause & Cell Phone Connect/Disconnect Button
  • Double Stacked Knob for Volume & VOX Control
  • 2-Way Radio Ready
  • Auxiliary Port for Hardwiring External Devices
  • 2-4 Person Ready, Expandable up to 8 Places
  • RF Shielded Extruded Housing
  • Isolated grounds for eliminating ground loop issues
  • Includes Mounting brackets and hardware

RM-60 Features:

  • 60-Watt VHF Band Mobile Radio
  • 20% more power than a 50-watt radio
  • 20~30 mile range
  • VHF frequency
  • CTCSS/DCS tone codes
  • Hand mic
  • Adjustable power level

Includes: Antenna, coax, and push-to-talk buttons