VHF Vertex VX2200 With NMO Mount Base/Chase Radio

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VHF Vertex VX2200 With NMO Mount Base/Chase Radio
VHF Vertex VX2200 With NMO Mount Base/Chase Radio

The perfect base camp or chase radio! With 50 watts of power, you will be able to reach your vehicle from a long distance. This kit combines just what you need for chase vehicle operations or base camp setup.

With 50-Watts of power, the VX2200 can deliver a radio range of 20~30 miles depending upon terrain.

Tough, compact, and feature packed, the Vertex VX2200 Radio comes backed with a full 3 year factory warranty.

The VX2200 is by far our most popular mobile radio delivering ample power, performance, durability, and consistent reliability.

VX2200 Features:

  • Powerful 50 watt VHF VX2200
  • 8 Character alpha tag display
  • CCTSS/DSC privacy codes
  • 128 programmable channels
  • 8 programmable channel groups
  • 3-Year Factory Warranty
  • You must select frequency type below. Frequency range depends upon your selection:
  • VHF 150-174 MHZ


Wondering whether you need VHF or UHF? VHF is by far the most common and preferred frequency band for offroad enthusiasts and race teams. VHF is used by Best in the Desert, Ultra4, SCORE, and countless others. From recreation to racing, VHF is simply the preferred choice in this environment due to it's performance factors and sheer dominance over UHF radios. In some cases, UHF may be preferred for closed course environments and specialty applications where cross-compatibility with GMRS frequencies is required.

Kit includes:

Vertex VX2200 50 watt radio
Laird VHF Antenna and cable

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